Darnell Docket is currently tweeting his way through jury duty

Arizona Cardinals defensive end, Darnell Docket (the same guy who recently reposted an Instagram photo of 16-year-old Malia Obama's booty), is currently tweeting his way through jury duty.  (No rhyme intended.)

Although I sternly shake my head and furrow my brow at this behavior, I can't help but be impressed at this guy's complete disregard for authority. He brags about (1) double-parking in a handicap spot, (2) trying to get kicked out through tweeting, and (3) being able to whoop the court security officer's ass. He even ordered a pizza. 

He should get held in contempt (if the judge is anything but a complete pushover), but I think guys like this are willing to do a little jail time to keep up their image. 

Here are just some of his tweets: